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Lifelong Truckbed Armor with 100% Polyurea Liners

The new 100% polyurea linings that are available for truckbeds (and all the other applications that truckbed liners are good for, from boat decks to trailers to patios) are an even bigger advance on the already excellent products on the market, and will make your truck tough, durable, and resistant to everything from scrapes and gouges to corrosive chemical spills. When you work hard, play hard, and drive your truck as hard as you drive yourself, you need the best in protection for your vehicle, and 100% polyurea liners will give you that protection for seventy to eighty years – long enough to last a lifetime.

Polyurea liners grip your pickup bed strongly enough to never need replacing, and won’t peel up no matter how much use and abuse you put them through. Their texture helps prevent load slippage, making carrying large objects like refrigerators, generators, or welding machines more secure, while reducing vibrations that would otherwise occur from having a large, heavy item rattling around in the back of your truck.

Polyurea defies high and low temperatures even more successfully than ordinary truckbed liners, which are very tough already. You can use your pickup truck in the bitter cold of a northern winter, whether you are driving chainsaws to the logging site or bringing that magnificent twelve-point buck back after an early snowfall, since -50 degrees Fahrenheit will not harm polyurea coatings.

The coating remains just as rugged and intact in the searing heat of Arizona or on a blisteringly hot factory floor, since it will not bubble or peel until the temperature climbs to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most of the good 100% polyurea truckbed linings come with a lifetime guarantee, and are completely maintenance free, so that you can focus on your work and not fussing over your truckbed coating.

On top of all these benefits, polyurea is completely environmentally safe and doesn’t release solvents or volatile organic compounds into the air during application, so whether you’re interested in saving the planet or want to impress a spouse or lady friend who is, these high tech coatings have you covered in that regard, too.

What You Can Store in Your Truck Now Thanks to the Protective Coating

To say that most truckbed liners are protective coatings that are hardworking and tough as nails is rather an understatement. These advanced polyurethane automotive products protect your pickup truck bed from scrapes, blows, and rusting, but what is more, they also expand the possibilities of what you can store and carry in your truck without causing damage to it or to the paintwork in the truck bed.

Gasoline and related fuels are the liquids most likely to find their way onto the surface of most pickup truck beds, potentially staining or discoloring the paint. With a liner in place, you can throw half a dozen plastic jerry cans of gas into the back of your pickup without pausing longer than it takes you to heave them over the tailgate, with no worries that the odd splash of gas will cause any discoloration, since the gas will sit harmlessly atop the polyurethane coating until it evaporates or is wiped away.

Chlorine bleach and similar strong cleaning chemicals can ordinarily be a real problem if they spill or slosh over onto the paintwork of your pickup truck. With a layer of truckbed liner between the bleach and the paint job, however, you could theoretically turn the bed of your pickup truck into a pool of these corrosive cleansers without causing any problems.

If you work with a lot of chemicals, a good truckbed liner will help to protect your vehicle from spills. Most modern liners are designed to shed common, relatively mild acids, including battery acid, without being corroded or allowing the acid to eat into the paint or metal beneath. Weed spray, insecticides and pesticides of various kinds, chemical fertilizer, and other work chemicals will also have no effect on a truck bed shielded by the rugged coating offered by a thick double coat of these liners.

Making use of a good truckbed liner helps to make your pickup an even more reliable workhorse – one that you need not think twice about using to carry or store corrosive chemicals, paints, bleach, insecticide, cement, and a host of other substances that cause damage to vehicles with less manly protection. Tough, durable, and versatile, truckbed liners are just what you need to keep your pickup truck able to handle any task you have in mind.