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How Full Metal Jacket ™ is the Best Option

Do you own a truck which you always keep well maintained by taking care of the engine and body alike? Surely, all wise truck owners take care of the day-to-day dents, scratches, etc as well as year-long wear and tear by going for the latest and cutting-edge technology such as Full Metal Jacket™ which is the new in thing among truck owners.
There are a number of ways which have been adopted to maintain the health of truck beds in the past. With time some of these ways became obsolete. Lead-based soldering poses a significant health hazard to the environment because of lead’s poisonous properties. Body soldering, on the other hand, takes a lot of investment in terms of tools, time and expertise required. If you are doing it yourself, it is very likely that you’ll end up making mistakes that cannot be undone which will compromise your truck bed’s quality.
Another way to fix your truck’s bed is to use putty. Putty is less durable than body-soldering, difficult to apply, produces toxic fumes and its hardeners can burn if skin remains in contact for long. Also, putty is a non-metallic substance and will not attract magnets (in case you want to sell your truck, potential buyers do the magnet test on vehicles to check for undetectable repairs).
The latest, most effective and efficient way of taking care of your truck’s bed is to get it a Full Metal Jacket ™. FMJ™ gives your truck’s bed a factory-like finish because it consists of 100% pure polyurea and becomes part of the bed itself as opposed to simply covering the faults like the options discussed above. It can resist impact, abrasion, rust, reduces cargo slippage and reduces noise from drop-in bed liners. Also it does not change the original shape of your truck’s bed.
Carlson Truck Outfitters are experts in the application of Full Metal Jacket ™. They operate in Winnipeg, Manitoba and offer you durable and long-lasting jackets for your truck.

Cover Your Assets with a Sturdy Truckbed Cover

Putting a cover over the things you carry in your pickup bed is a good idea if they need to be kept safe from the weather, or if you’re driving around an area where pilferage is a problem. A good cover keeps your tools and cargo dry and ready to work at a moment’s notice. The question remains, however, of whether you should choose a flat cover or a truck cap for your pickup truck.

Flat covers are mostly useful if you only ever mean to put small items into the back of your pickup truck – or at least, don’t mind having larger items totally exposed to the elements. If you only rarely put an object taller than the side walls of the bed into your truck, and don’t leave it there for long periods of time. If you mostly carry small powered tools, then a flat cover can be ideal for its neat appearance, the clear visibility it gives you out the back wind, and its lower cost.

Most flat covers are soft vinyl, allowing them to be rolled out of the way or lifted back easily to expose the contents. Fiberglass lids, aluminum lids, and high impact plastic lids are best for places where security may be a concern, to keep tools from being stolen out of the truck while you’re parked near the job site or have pulled over to refill the gas tank and pick up some beer for relaxing later after work.

Truck caps, which are covers as tall as the cab, and sometimes taller, are aluminum structures with windows in them, which are familiar to nearly everybody, including those who have never driven a pickup truck. These caps come in regular and industrial or commercial models, and provide a large, rigid, secure storage area in the back of your pickup truck. If you are not sure which type is best for you, it’s best to go with a truck cap, since it offers more space and is a tough, effective way to cover your truckbed assets.