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What Should Ride With You?

In Manitoba, we have to be prepared for anything.

When you set out on the road, there’s a certain minimum kit you should take with you to be prepared, not only for emergencies but for any eventuality.  Here’s the list, as prepared by the truck-lovin’ people at Carlson Truck Outfitters.

  1. Phone. There’s no replacement for a channel of communications between you and the rest of the world when something goes completely wrong (or you just spent too much time fishing and are going to be late for dinner).  Make sure you have minutes and a full charge on the battery.
  2. GPS. Or an old fashioned map.  There’s nothing like knowing where you are to help you figure out where you’re going.
  3. Basic Tools. Not that your truck is going to let you down, mind you.  There are plenty of other things in the world that need fixing.
  4. Emergency Kit. Have some first aid supplies, some bottled water, candles, and a flashlight.  Also some reflectors or road flares.
  5. Equipment to tow or be towed. You never know when you might have to rescue someone.  A couple of tow straps can be lifesavers. If you go off-road and might need to rescue yourself, look into a winch.
  6. Stuff to make your trip more fun. Hey, it’s your trip, and your truck.  Make sure you travel the route you want, listen to the music you like and above all, enjoy the ride.

Visit Carlson Truck Outfitters for a great line of Truck Accessories. We love your truck almost as much as you do.

On Special – U-Guard package

As January starts to creep towards an end, Carlson Truck Outfitters in Winnipeg is revving up for a great year.

We’re kicking off 2012 in style as we present a special package deal, open to the public.

For a limited time, you can purchase a U-Guard step and boxrail package, installed, for just $349.

Since 2004, U-GUARD Inc. has been delivering high quality tubular products across Canada. Their line of products are custom made so that your truck, no matter the make or model, can be easily equipped with these high quality steps an boxrails.

To learn more about this special, click here, and stay tuned to the Carlson Truck Outfitters blog for more deals in the coming weeks!

Haul away your Christmas tree with protection from Carlson Truck Outfitters

With the turn of the calendar to 2012, an annual tradition springs forward very quickly for the citizens of Winnipeg – the disposal of your Christmas tree.

As much as we enjoy the sweet scent of pine in our homes, the reality is that tree tossing is creeping up. Soon, it won’t just be spare pieces of tinsel that lay along your carpet, but pine needles, which inexplicably seem to knit themselves into your floor with the greatest of ease.

So before you have a larger mess than you would like to clean up, take your tree out to your truck and haul it away.

Now one of the concerns you’re bound to have is that your truck bed is going to be scratched up by the tree and stronger branches; and that is a valid concern… if you haven’t already used the Full Metal Jacket bedliner from Carlson Truck Outfitters. Every haul that you do without the Full Metal Jacket – be it a Christmas tree or a giant box of Valentine’s Day chocolates (you’re only 6 shopping weeks away from that holiday!) risks doing damage to your truck bed.

So why take the risk? If you don’t have your Full Metal Jacket installed, you’re subjecting your truck bed to potential abrasion and scratches.

Take our advice – leave the tree up for one more day and get yourself a late Christmas present of a Full Metal Jacket. Your truck will be ready for the ragged roads just 24 hours after application.

To learn more, call Carlson Truck Outfitters in Winnipeg at 204-669-5249 today!