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Outfit your truck fleet in Winnipeg

Whether your business has two trucks or 20, Carlson Truck Outfitters can help you equip them for the service your company provides.

Work vehicles are like mobile billboards, and the image that they project can go a long way in your efforts to attract new customers.  A neat, well-equipped pickup with accessories that say “We Mean Business” is far more attractive than an ancient and unwashed rustbucket.

Bed covers by Truxedo, Bak Flip and Retrax can really tidy up your trucks, keeping your tools and materials safe and secure while allowing your employees quick access to the equipment they need. A step and boxrail package from U-Guard can make it safer to get in and out of your truck, and can help you secure your cargo. Mudflaps keep trucks cleaner and provide courtesy to other vehicles on the road by reducing spray and debris.

A Full Metal Jacket spray-on polyuria box liner will help keep the bed of your truck looking fresh and businesslike while protecting the usefulness and value of your businesses investment.

Make sure that your business is projecting the image you want by equipping your most visible asset appropriately.  Well cared for vehicles last longer, have better resale value, and increase the productivity of the people who use them.  The overall cost of ownership can be dramatically decreased by making the right choices in protective gear that enhances usability.

Visit Carlson Truck Outfitters today at 1392 Regent Avenue, Unit C, or call 204-669-5249.  Let us make it easier to take care of your fleet.

Join us at World of Wheels in Winnipeg

As the winter months start to fade away, Winnipeggers emerge from their near-hibernation to re-join the active world, just in time for show season.

Tucked into our calendars just before the start of gala season in mid-spring, venues like the Winnipeg Convention Centre open their doors wide to the public for unique events based around relaxation and innovation. Melding the world of tradeshows and consumer expos, these events draw huge crowds with guests from local, national and even international businesses.

Arguably, the most popular of these events is the World of Wheels show, taking place just a couple weeks from now. Running from March 16 to 18, World of Wheels draws car guys and gals to see hot rods, celebrities like Billy the Exterminator and the latest innovations in the car and truck-buying market.

This year, Carlson Truck Outfitters is pleased to announce that we will be at World of Wheels. While we’re not just ready to divulge our secret plans for the show just yet, we can tell you that we’ll be there in a big way.

Stay tuned to the Carlson Truck Outfitter blog for more information on the coming days, but in the interim pick up your tickets for World of Wheels by visiting the show website here.

Why the Winnipeg Construction Industry Needs the Full Metal Jacket

Tools that are properly maintained and stored correctly will last a long time. If you work, or own a business, in the construction industry, one of the most indispensable tools you own is the one that moves you and your equipment and materials to and from the jobsite – your pickup truck.

The business end of your truck is the bed.  It’s where the stuff that’s really important goes.  It pays to keep this part of your truck in top shape, because if it doesn’t work properly, it gets more difficult to get the job done.

Pickup beds are made of the same metal as the rest of the truck’s body, coated in the same paint.  If you dropped heavy, sharp objects on the hood of the truck you wouldn’t expect it to last very long.  Construction work requires tools and materials be transported, so the bed of your truck requires protection.

Full Metal Jacket spray-on polyurea bedliners, available from Carlson Truck Outfitters, really stand up to abuse.

Unlike other protective products, like drop-in bedliners, Full Metal Jacket becomes part of the truck as soon as you apply it.  This means that it can’t slip around and cause wear and noise, and moisture cannot be trapped underneath it and cause rust that you can’t see. Your pickup bed will be resistant to impact and abrasion damage and the no-slip texture of the bedliner will help keep the stuff you carry from moving around.  Full Metal Jacket bedliners don’t diminish the cargo carrying capacity of your truck bed, and can be applied very quickly. Your truck will be ready to go to work for you 24 hours later.
Book an appointment online, or by calling 204-669-5249.  Let Carlson Truck Outfitters and Full Metal Jacket help keep your truck working for you.

Floor Protection by WeatherTech

If you’ve ever looked underneath an old rusty pickup truck, you’ve probably seen that the nastiest damage to the vehicle is to the floor on the driver’s side.

This section of the floor doesn’t rust because water, grime and salt attack it from the bottom. The assault comes from the top.

We often say that we work our trucks. This isn’t really true. Our trucks take us and our stuff to places we work. We are always getting in and out of them, and in a get-it-done world, we don’t always take the time to wipe our feet.

Protecting your trucks floor is serious business. A ruined carpet and a rusty floor can be an indication of other problems brought on by lack of care, and can significantly lower the resale value of a vehicle.

Carlson Truck Outfitters is proud to offer WeatherTech FloorLiners to combat the unique hazards that harsh Manitoba winters bring to your trucks floor. These aren’t a “one size” solution. Each one has been DigitalFit – which means that the interior of your truck model has been measured with a laser, and the FloorLiner manufactured to those specifications.
This USA manufactured product has specially engineered channels that route water and debris into an easily emptied reservoir, never coming into contact with your vehicle’s carpet or vulnerable floor surface.

Protect your truck, and your investment, without slowing down to wipe your feet. WeatherTech FloorLiners are just one of the many quality accessories available from Carlson Truck Outfitters. Come on down and have a look, and feel free to leave your shoes on.

Looking Ahead to the 2013 Truck Season

There’s always a lot of hype and speculation regarding new vehicles coming from Detroit and abroad.  2013 should be a very interesting year for pickup trucks.

Though it’s early to say, it looks like the big three American automakers have some new things in store for their truck offerings over the next year, or maybe two.

General Motors is reported to be retooling North American plants in order to be ready with an extensively redesigned lineup for 2013.  Top on their list is a redesigned mid-sized Colorado, already being sold in Thailand.  Ford will continue to tweak its very successful line of pickups, while introducing a full line of Transit van products.  The F-150 is expected to be very different in two years’ time, extensively redesigned for 2014.  Chrysler is still sorting out its marriage to Fiat, and should have a number of redesigns and brand-new offerings in the upcoming model year.

Mind you, this is all speculation.  Here’s what we know:  There will be pickup trucks.  They will be great.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle of any sort, there is a lot of pressure on dealers (who make precious little on the sale of the unit itself) to sell accessories.  Almost everyone will offer you a cap, a bed cover, a drop-in bedliner, nice floor mats and in some cases a nice coffee mug to complement your vehicle.  Many people are attracted to these offerings, because they’re convenient, and because they can be built in to the dealer financing on the truck.

This isn’t always in the best interest of the buyer.  Shopping for the same products in the retail aftermarket can result in superior products, lower prices and lower truck payments.

Come visit Carlson Truck Outfitters, and check out a full line of bed protection, bed covers, mud flaps, and accessories.  A wide selection of products that will help you make a statement:  “This is my truck.”

All about mudflaps

Your truck works.  It’s on call 24/7/365, regardless of what’s falling from the Winnipeg sky or splashing up from underneath.

Mudflaps perform a number of valuable tasks as your truck rolls through less-than-pleasant weather.

First, they protect the wheel wells, which are prone to rust.  The more water, salt, grit and mud we can keep out of these sensitive areas, the better.  They defend the painted surfaces of the rocker panels (beneath the doors) and the sides of the box where it’s most susceptible to rust, right behind the rear wheels.  By keeping stones and debris from chipping the paint and exposing the metal underneath to corrosion, mudflaps make trucks last longer.

They also protect other drivers; you won’t create nearly as much visibility-hampering spray, and the amount of gravel and other debris that gets kicked up as you drive will be greatly reduced.

Towing trailers and other objects presents specific needs, as they’ll follow your truck much more closely than other drivers.  Oversized mud flaps and special hitch-mounted guards are available.  If you tow anything you’d like to keep, this type of protection is a must.

Regardless of the season, it’s always time to be thinking about your truck.  Mudflaps are an essential tool in the preservation of your trucks appearance and value.

In recognition of their importance, Carlson Truck Outfitters in now offering a sale on not one brand, but our entire selection of Mudflaps.  Any pair for $74.99 including installation.  Because we love your truck almost as much as you do.