All about mudflaps

Your truck works.  It’s on call 24/7/365, regardless of what’s falling from the Winnipeg sky or splashing up from underneath.

Mudflaps perform a number of valuable tasks as your truck rolls through less-than-pleasant weather.

First, they protect the wheel wells, which are prone to rust.  The more water, salt, grit and mud we can keep out of these sensitive areas, the better.  They defend the painted surfaces of the rocker panels (beneath the doors) and the sides of the box where it’s most susceptible to rust, right behind the rear wheels.  By keeping stones and debris from chipping the paint and exposing the metal underneath to corrosion, mudflaps make trucks last longer.

They also protect other drivers; you won’t create nearly as much visibility-hampering spray, and the amount of gravel and other debris that gets kicked up as you drive will be greatly reduced.

Towing trailers and other objects presents specific needs, as they’ll follow your truck much more closely than other drivers.  Oversized mud flaps and special hitch-mounted guards are available.  If you tow anything you’d like to keep, this type of protection is a must.

Regardless of the season, it’s always time to be thinking about your truck.  Mudflaps are an essential tool in the preservation of your trucks appearance and value.

In recognition of their importance, Carlson Truck Outfitters in now offering a sale on not one brand, but our entire selection of Mudflaps.  Any pair for $74.99 including installation.  Because we love your truck almost as much as you do.

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