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Rear Fenderwell Protection – Covering your Pickup’s Most Vulnerable Surface

In Manitoba, it can rain or snow on any given day of the year.  It sits on top of our trucks, and works into the nooks and crannies.  Moisture then sits on our roads and driveways, and attacks our vehicles from underneath.  This is why cars and trucks tend to rust from the bottom up.  To compound the problem, we use chemicals like salt and calcium chloride to melt snow and ice, which speeds up the corrosion process.

Pickup trucks are particularly susceptible to damage.   The carrying capacity of your truck depends on a large clearance between the top of the tires and the body of the truck, which makes the problem worse.   The rear wheels are always drive wheels, and in bad weather they slop more stuff up against the underside of the vehicle than the front ones do.  The material they throw is particularly bad for the truck, featuring a triple threat of stones and other debris that can chip the paint and leave the metal unprotected,  abrasive grit to sand off the paint, and wet, corrosive sludge that will attack the metal and make it rust.

There are things you can do to stop the attack on the underside of your truck before it gets too far ahead.  The addition of mud flaps or splash guards will catch a lot of the stuff the wheels are throwing up, and keep it from hitting the quarter panels and the underside of the box.   Frequent washing will remove corrosion causing materials before they can cause harm.  Coverage from above will stop the water from seeping between panels, where it can expand when frozen, opening up the seams and leaving the body open to more damage.  A tonneau cover and bed liner, like the Full Metal Jacket spray on coating will help.

Come see what Carlson Truck Outfitters has to help protect your whole truck, including your fender wells.  It will thank you for it.

Save Trips and Fuel – Make an Appointment with Carlson Truck Outfitters Today

At Carlson Truck Outfitters, we know that the capability and capacity of a pickup truck in Manitoba does come at a cost.  With fuel prices as high as they are, it makes sense to minimize the number of miles you put on your truck.

If you’re coming to us from further afield, it’s just smart to combine your trip to your favourite Truck Outfitter with some other errands you may need to take care of in Winnipeg.

We’ve noticed that a lot of people across Manitoba choose to come in on Thursday and Friday.  While any day is good for us, we’ve taken special measures to make sure we’re ready to accommodate people near the weekend.  You can rest assured that we’ll have the products and people you need on hand to take care of your truck, especially if you call us ahead of time to let us know you’re coming.
We’re a choice Manitoba truck outfitter, selling truck bed covers by the leading manufacturers, the Full Metal Jacket spray-in polyurea bed liner, and a full range of accessories like mud flaps, splash guards, and seat covers for all makes of trucks.
Drive-ins are always welcome, and you can come see us anytime, but if you let us know when you’re coming we can be extra sure to make your truck accessory shopping experience a pleasure.  We’re open Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5:30, and by appointment on Saturday.

Carlson Truck Outfitters is located at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg.  Our telephone number is (204) 669-5249.