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Getting Your Truck Ready for Winter

In Manitoba, it snows.  It also sleets, rains ice, and occasionally slush falls from the sky.

This weather, and our frigid temperatures, can make winter driving a challenge. Here are some things you can do to make sure your truck is ready for the test:

1)    Tires. Snows are best, but a good aggressive all-season tread can work too.  Make sure they’re not worn, and check the inflation a couple of times as the outdoor temperatures fall.  Cooler air tends to make the pressure drop. Don’t forget the spare.

2)    Block heater. If your truck is equipped with one, make sure that it works.  It’s much easier to fix a problem now than it will be on the first -10 degree day.

3)    Fluids. See that your antifreeze/coolant is topped up, and that it’s up to the job.  A hydrometer can be used to check its freezing point.  Make sure it’s good and low.  A spare jug of windshield was is a must.

4)    Wipers. Change them now.  Winter blades are worth the investment.

5)    Mud flaps. Make sure you still have them all.  Once the temperature drops, we call them slush flaps.  They’ll keep the nasty stuff out of the little crevices, and help our trucks last longer.

6)    Floor mats. Most of the time, it’s the liquid from above rusting the floors in our trucks.  Invest in the best ones you can find. We recommend WeatherTech, because they’re custom cut for your vehicle.

7)    Emergency kit. Be sure you’re prepared for the worst –having to spend some time stranded in your vehicle in a storm.  A blanket, some water, candles and basic first aid supplies are essential.  Perhaps the best safety device is a communication tool – a cellphone with a full charge and some available airtime can be essential.

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Make Sure You Remove Autumn Debris from your Pickup Bed

They call it “Fall” for a reason – the trees drop their leaves, and they cover everything.  It’s nature’s way of replenishing the soil.  The leaves, which have provided fuel for the tree’s growth all year, return their moisture and nutrients back to the earth.

Except when they fall where they don’t belong.

The open bed of a pickup truck, if it’s parked within miles of a deciduous tree, is sure to fill up with leaves.

Make sure you remove leaves and other debris from the bed of your truck immediately.  They’ll trap moisture in contact with the painted surface, and contribute chemicals that can speed up the decay of automotive sheet metal, especially in the tiny scratches that are sure to develop through the course of normal use of your truck.  Take care when getting the leaves out – use a broom or brush, not a rake, to avoid adding to the scratches in the bed surface and making the problem worse.

Alternately, consider investing in a bed liner for your truck, or adding a bed cover.  For the maximum level of protection from the elements, do both.  The Full Metal Jacket spray-in polyurea bed liner, available from Carlson Truck Outfitters offers unmatched protection from dirt, debris, and just about anything else that can fall or be thrown into your truck’s bed.  It’s a one step spray in finish that’s applied hot and dries almost instantly, and is fully cured and ready to take on the elements in 24 hours.

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