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2013 Pickups – The Best Ever Built

There’s been a lot of pressure on the North American automotive industry over the last few years.  With the near meltdown of the big three as part of the big recession of 2008, carmakers have been mandated by governments, customers and themselves to clean up their product lines and offer innovative vehicles that address the real needs of customers.
Pickup trucks have been the vehicle to benefit the most from their manufacturers’ scrutiny.

2013 releases from the Big Three North American Automakers, Ford, Dodge and General Motors are stronger, more capable, more comfortable and more fuel efficient than ever before.

2013 marks a major remodeling of the Ram pickup line. Their trucks are available in more configurations than ever before, and this year’s power plants offer a 20 percent improvement over the 2012 models.  Outstanding new features include air suspension, new interiors, electronics that include voice control, and a stellar 8-speed automatic transmission.

Ford’s F150 continues to be a leader in innovation.  New for 2013 is a cosmetic rethinking of the front styling, new wheel choices, and  MyFord Touch®, which provides voice activated controls for the driver.  The most popular engine options are held over from last year, including the fuel-miserly 3.5L eco-boost engine.

Chevrolet Silverado and its sister truck, the GMC Sierra offer solid trucks with proven packages, but are starting to look like they’re in need of the big refresh scheduled for them next year.  For 2013, the changes amount to increased selection of tires and availability of some new colors.

Whether you choose one of the new North American pickups, or one of the Japanese competitors, like the excellent Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan models, remember that it’s not your truck until you make your own.  Save money by demanding different (and often better) accessories than the ones the dealer offers.

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Winter’s Here Winnipeg, Time to Check Your Ride

For generations, people have trusted The Farmer’s Almanac as a good source of weather forecasting.  This year, the great book’s online equivalent, is forecasting an “average” winter for southern Manitoba.  Even if you don’t put stock in the Almanac, you can be pretty certain that it will snow in Manitoba in the wintertime.  And the fall and spring, too.  And maybe even….

It’s important to make sure that your pickup truck is equipped to survive a long winter under our particularly challenging weather conditions.  Here’s a quick list of things to check before the slush flies:

Tires with a Mud and Snow rating are best, especially if you foresee a lot of winter driving.  A good set of all-weather tires can come close, but won’t quite equal the performance of dedicated snow tires.  Whichever way you choose to go, make sure that there’s plenty of tread left, and that you check and correct your air pressure several times as the weather cools.  Don’t forget the spare.

You need to see and be seen, especially since the sun will be coming up later and setting earlier over the coming months.  Make sure all your lights are working, and that your lenses are transparent.  Considerable brightness can be lost to “chalked” lenses.  You might wish to investigate the new HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting, which replaces your existing bulbs and will make your nighttime driving safer.

Make sure your wiper blades are up to the task.  Special purpose ones for winter conditions are best, and represent a very reasonable investment for a great improvement in winter safety.

Emergency Kit
Make sure you have an emergency kit in your truck, including at minimum a first aid kit, a supply of food and water, a flashlight, a candle, and a blanket.  Also make sure to take your cellphone with you when you travel, because it can provide a communication lifeline in case of an emergency.

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