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Sunblock For Your Truck in Manitoba

When the weather starts to look bad, Winnipeg’s pickup truck owners start thinking about snow tires, all-season wiper blades, and block heaters.

Now that summer’s on the way, it’s time to consider preparing your vehicle for protection from a different kind of threat from the sky – the sun’s harsh rays.  Less immediately threatening but equally damaging to your truck, ultraviolet rays fade your paint and heat up your truck, damaging your interior and cargo.  Heat inside your cab can make life very uncomfortable for you and your passengers.

There are some maintenance items you need to take care of when the mercury starts to climb:  A good coating of UV protective wax can help save your paint, and ensuring that you have adequate airflow through your grill and coolant in your radiator will help you stay on the road, not stranded beside it.  It’s imperative that you check your AC for good operation early in the season, before you really need it.

A visit to Carlson Truck Outfitters can help keep you and your truck comfortable and cool even in the dog days.  We’ve got visors and vent covers to keep the sun out of your eyes and let you keep the windows cracked open for comfort, seat covers to keep the harsh rays of the sun off your interior, and bed covers to keep your cargo from getting cooked.

We’ve also got lots of other fair-weather accessories – mesh covers to keep the mosquitoes and other nasties out of your radiator fins, hood protectors to deflect bugs and road debris, and plenty of other items to make summer a great season

At Carlson Truck Outfitters, we’re experts in Winnipeg weather – not just the stuff that makes the roads slippery.  Visit us at1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg, or telephone us at (204)669-5249 to find out more.