Monthly Archives: June 2013

Summer Driving’s Starts and Stops

Ahh at long last summer has just about returned to Winnipeg, and that means that drivers are just about ready for a return to the dirt and dust roads of cottage country.

For many truck drivers in Manitoba, this means that your vehicle is hitting the highways before reaching your final destination, but it also means you may be stopped along the way for a Check Stop.

It goes without saying but it bears repeating, given just how many infractions we end up hearing about throughout the summer months – never, ever drink and drive. There’s no reason to ever get behind the wheel when you’ve had one too many, and when you can, wherever possible, stay sober completely with a designated driver.

Enjoy the summer roads friends, but make sure you arrive safe. Drive responsibly.

We’ll see you at the shop!

Summer’s Here – Ready for the Highway?

With the summer breeze finally blowing into Winnipeg, citybound truck drivers are finally getting ready for their first taste of highway driving of 2013.

While some of us will venture outside the perimeter on a regular basis for work, others pretty much only operate within Winnipeg city limits.

Getting ready for highway driving means that you again have to be ready for some of the hazards that come with it, such as stone chips in windshields and the ever-present possibility of a hit or two to our truck frame from falling hail.

Of course, this all comes at a cost. Yes, trucks are designed to withstand conditions (and let’s face it, a clean truck just doesn’t look right some times), but there are certain things that happen that can be detrimental to your ride’s functionality.

This is why we highly recommend giving your truck a thorough inspection before going out on the highway for the first time. Naturally, you’ll want to assess your tires and ensure they are ready, but you will also want to check your accessories, from mudflaps to hitches, to ensure they will be ready for any hauling.

And of course, we want to ensure your truckbed is set for a new year of being loaded with everything from camping gear to fishing and equipment. Don’t risk your bed being damaged. Get the ultimate protection with a Full Metal Jacket truckbed liner.

To learn more about what Carlson Truck Outfitters can do to protect your ride, call us today at 204 669 5249 or visit us at 1392C Regent Ave.