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Tailgate Season in Canada – Are You Ready?

While our beloved Blue Bombers may have experienced a pretty dismal season, we can at least console ourselves with the fact that the Grey Cup will be held just down the road in Regina.

If you’re going, or gearing up for next season, you should check out some of the great things Carlson Truck Outfitters has in stock to trick out your truck for your tailgating activities.

We’ve got parking lot must haves – rear seat storage solutions and a wide variety of bed covers that can keep your barbecue and other equipment dry and secure while you’re travelling to and watching the game.  Truck steps and step bars ensure that even the smallest fans among us can get in and out of the truck.

Tailgate parties are like truck shows – plenty of people showing off their pickups.  Carlson has plenty of accessories to choose from, making your truck more than just transportation.  Chrome fuel doors, screen fronts and grill guards, as well as chrome exhaust tips can give your ride just the right touch of flash, and there’s nothing like a hood scoop to let people know that your truck means business.

To keep the interior of your vehicle looking great no matter what you throw at it, we’ve got seat covers and floor mats, including top-of the line Weathertech models that are precision fit to your vehicle.

No matter what your CFL allegiance, the 101st Grey Cup on November 24th is sure to be an exciting game, and Taylor Field is going to be the best place in the country to be.

Enjoy the game folks, it should be a classic.

Ready or Not… the Holidays are Coming!

Winnipeg has been enjoying some mild weather these last few weeks, the kind of Autumn weather we’re not accustomed to seeing here in the River City.

What that unfortunately means is we’re living on the bubble before winter rears its ugly head and our still-somewhat greenery in Winnipeg will soon be coated in white.

Now for those of us who aren’t in the snow removal business (a great side business for anyone with a truck… we’re just saying) this might be an intimidating sight, but let’s keep one thing in mind – we’re still in November, which means that there’s a light – or should we say lights – in the dark tunnel ahead.

Yes friends, the holidays are coming. Before you know it, the kids will be out of school for winter break and it will be time for families to once again resume their lives together.

Now far be it from us to start recommending presents for your loved ones; after all, chances are you still have leftover Halloween candy sitting in your bowls at home. Still, it’s not to early to start asking, so you’re not doing that mad dash through retail outlets at the last minute.

Instead, we recommend coming down to Carlson Truck Outfitters for your early holiday shopping. If we don’t have the item that is both functional and meaningful, there’s nothing that shows you care better than the gift of safety for a truck or the added accessory that will aid you in your travels upcoming (particularly over the holiday season).

Remember – early shoppers have the better chance for their request to be filled. Some items may require appointments or special orders.

Call us today at 204 669-5249 to speak with one of our customer reps today.

Is It Time for a New Truck?

As truck owners, we get very attached to our vehicles.

Much more than car owners, you’re more likely to get a truck owner having more of that almost indescribable connection with their four wheels. They’ll spend more time adding accessories and invest more dollars in protection (such as a truck bed lining).

There’s good reason for this – a truck is more than just driving to and from work or taking kids to hockey practice. Your truck often is your office, gets called upon when neighbours need help with a project

That’s why it’s hard to let go of your truck, when you know it’s time to trade it in. Maybe that rust spot on your bumper is growing or your brakes need to be replaced again, but eventually you’ll know when it’s time to replace… unlike our dear friend from Arlen…

(Apologies for the poor video quality, it’s the best we could find on YouTube.)

Saying goodbye to your truck can definitely be hard, we won’t deny that – but think of the new adventures that await you with your new ride – A whole new set of tires to get dirty, a body that’s screaming for some highway dominance and a bed that’s ready to haul anything you throw at it.

If you’re investing in a new truck this year, Carlson Truck Outfitters is ready to start your new cycle off with a bang. Call us today to book an appointment. If nothing else, we’d like to see your new pride and joy.