Monthly Archives: February 2014

We’re Up and Running on Fennell!

Carlson Truck Outfitters new spray-in bedliner boothIf you’ve been wondering when Carlson Truck Outfitters would be starting our spray-in bedliner service from our new location at 155 Fennell St. in Winnipeg, the answer is we’re way ahead of you!

We’re happy to say that we’re already back up and running with expert truckbed lining services at our new location. As you can see to the left, we’ve got Winnipeg trucks already coming into our shop (as well as a few from outside the perimeter!).

We thank all of our loyal customers who have followed us to our new location and would like to take this opportunity to welcome those who are visiting us for the first time.

We’ll have more updates for you in the coming weeks!