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October Specials at Carlson Truck Outfitters



Carlson Truck Outfitters is pleased to offer customers in Winnipeg and across Manitoba specials on our truck or SUV accessories from leading manufacturers.

Currently we are offering U-GUARD 3” stainless steel tubular side steps cab length for any truck or SUV for $399 installed.

Superior Truck Accessories at Carlson Truck Outfitters

trafficDo you want maximum road visibility for your truck this winter season?



As a member of the Winnipeg community, we at Carlson Truck Outfitters will do a thorough job in lighting your way for the winter. We make sure we give you exemplary innovative products such as the light bulbs for your truck. The safety of our clientele is among our most valuable concerns in the daily business that we undertake. Be sure to make an appointment and give us the specifications of your truck.

We offer services to all the members of the Winnipeg community but even if you are not from within, you are still welcome. All you need to do is make an appointment and all our crew members will be at your beck and call.