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Looking Ahead to the 2013 Truck Season

There’s always a lot of hype and speculation regarding new vehicles coming from Detroit and abroad.  2013 should be a very interesting year for pickup trucks.

Though it’s early to say, it looks like the big three American automakers have some new things in store for their truck offerings over the next year, or maybe two.

General Motors is reported to be retooling North American plants in order to be ready with an extensively redesigned lineup for 2013.  Top on their list is a redesigned mid-sized Colorado, already being sold in Thailand.  Ford will continue to tweak its very successful line of pickups, while introducing a full line of Transit van products.  The F-150 is expected to be very different in two years’ time, extensively redesigned for 2014.  Chrysler is still sorting out its marriage to Fiat, and should have a number of redesigns and brand-new offerings in the upcoming model year.

Mind you, this is all speculation.  Here’s what we know:  There will be pickup trucks.  They will be great.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle of any sort, there is a lot of pressure on dealers (who make precious little on the sale of the unit itself) to sell accessories.  Almost everyone will offer you a cap, a bed cover, a drop-in bedliner, nice floor mats and in some cases a nice coffee mug to complement your vehicle.  Many people are attracted to these offerings, because they’re convenient, and because they can be built in to the dealer financing on the truck.

This isn’t always in the best interest of the buyer.  Shopping for the same products in the retail aftermarket can result in superior products, lower prices and lower truck payments.

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