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Father’s Day Gift Ideas at Carlson Truck Outfitters

Stampede Bug Deflector

Looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift, then we think you found the right place for that perfect idea.  In Winnipeg we know summer only lasts for a few months and dad wants to be cool.  Here are some suggestions to get dad that perfect gift to help him keep cool.

1)    Tonneau Covers – Dad can keep his valuables safe and secure with these durable truck bed covers.  This is a major part of how your dad’s truck will look, and more importantly how he will use the truck.

2)    Window Tint – one of the best things you can do to increase the comfort level provided by your vehicle is to tint the windows.  Not only will the tint keep the interior cooler, even when the vehicle is unoccupied, but it will reduce the level of harmful UV rays that come into the vehicle, sparing your skin sunburn and extending the life of your upholstery.

3)    Accessories – Not only can good accessories keep your ride looking cool, but they can keep it feeling that way too.  Summer comfort can be enhanced with vent visors, which will allow you to keep the windows cracked no matter what the weather. or a hidden trailer hitch can help him tow the boat to the lake so he can take you for water ski or tube ride.

For a full line of pickup truck accessories visit Carlson Truck Outfitters.  Our new location is at 155 Fennell St. in Winnipeg, telephone (204) 669-5249.

Truck Accessories – Hidden Truck Hitch

With an early spring arriving in Winnipeg, are you beginning to prepare for some summer fun?  Looking to tow a trailer carrying a 4×4, a boat trailer, a camper, or other loads behind your vehicle, but not certain what to get?


A hidden truck hitch is a great choice for keeping the look of your truck clean and smooth, and for those of us just a bit clumsy or forgetful, your shins are protected. A hidden truck hitch gives you the hard-working but invisible accessory that you need. Continue reading

Trucks Built “Like a Rock” – We Stock Accessories for Chevrolet/GMC Trucks

At Carlson Truck Outfitters, we know pickup trucks. We know them because we like them, and because we see more of them than almost anyone else. And what we’ve been seeing lately is evidence that many people in Manitoba are choosing Chevrolet and GMC as their go-to trucks.

As a result, we’ve become very knowledgeable about the products and services available to GM owners. We can fit you with a bed cover, mud flaps, seat covers or just about any other accessory you might want, and we know how to find and install the ones with the best fit to complement your specific truck.

Whether it’s a Silverado or a Colorado, a Canyon, Avalanche or Sierra, Carlson Truck Outfitters can protect your investment in your vehicle with a Full Metal Jacket spray-in bed liner, a one-step polyurea treatment which bonds to the metal box of your truck and forms a layer of protection that is impervious to moisture, inhibits rust and acts as a barrier against the physical damage that pickup trucks are sure to sustain.

No matter what brand of truck you choose to drive, we understand why you drive it and what you use it for. We can provide a full line of accessories and services that can help you maintain its value and reduce troubles down the road, while making it look and perform at its peak today. At Carlson Truck Outfitters, we know what Winnipeg wants when it comes to truck accessories.

Outfit your truck fleet in Winnipeg

Whether your business has two trucks or 20, Carlson Truck Outfitters can help you equip them for the service your company provides.

Work vehicles are like mobile billboards, and the image that they project can go a long way in your efforts to attract new customers.  A neat, well-equipped pickup with accessories that say “We Mean Business” is far more attractive than an ancient and unwashed rustbucket.

Bed covers by Truxedo, Bak Flip and Retrax can really tidy up your trucks, keeping your tools and materials safe and secure while allowing your employees quick access to the equipment they need. A step and boxrail package from U-Guard can make it safer to get in and out of your truck, and can help you secure your cargo. Mudflaps keep trucks cleaner and provide courtesy to other vehicles on the road by reducing spray and debris.

A Full Metal Jacket spray-on polyuria box liner will help keep the bed of your truck looking fresh and businesslike while protecting the usefulness and value of your businesses investment.

Make sure that your business is projecting the image you want by equipping your most visible asset appropriately.  Well cared for vehicles last longer, have better resale value, and increase the productivity of the people who use them.  The overall cost of ownership can be dramatically decreased by making the right choices in protective gear that enhances usability.

Visit Carlson Truck Outfitters today at 1392 Regent Avenue, Unit C, or call 204-669-5249.  Let us make it easier to take care of your fleet.

Why a Choose A Hidden Truck Hitch

A hidden truck hitch is a good choice if you want to have the convenience of being able to tow trailers, fifth wheels, and other loads behind your pickup truck, SUV, or other strong, towing-capable vehicle without spoiling the lines of the vehicle. Some people don’t care what their truck looks like, but if you prefer a neater, cleaner-lined appearance, a hidden truck hitch gives you exactly the hard-working but invisible accessory you need.

On practical grounds, a hidden truck hitch is usually mounted in a spot that keeps it out of your way until you actually need to use it. A projecting, clumsy hitch can get in the way when you are trying to lift a large, heavy object into the back of your pickup. You also may bark your knees or other parts of your anatomy against it while you are trying to take objects out of the pickup bed.

Hidden truck hitches come in a range of different designs, each capable of fitting a certain kind of truck and offering a different combination of towing weights, attachment styles, and capabilities. Whether you are looking for a gooseneck model , a simple receiver style hitch for everyday towing needs, a heavy duty mobile home hitch that can haul several tons safely and effectively, there is a product that meets your needs.

A hidden truck hitch, in short, can open up the possibilities of hauling heavy loads with as much certainty and uncompromising performance as a more obvious style of hitch, while keeping the appearance of your vehicle neater and keeping the hitch out of your way when not in use. Coating the hidden hitch with truckbed lining is a good way to make it even tougher and more resistant to wear, keeping it safe from the corrosion of road salt and thus making it more reliable no matter how demanding the job.