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Outfit your truck fleet in Winnipeg

Whether your business has two trucks or 20, Carlson Truck Outfitters can help you equip them for the service your company provides.

Work vehicles are like mobile billboards, and the image that they project can go a long way in your efforts to attract new customers.  A neat, well-equipped pickup with accessories that say “We Mean Business” is far more attractive than an ancient and unwashed rustbucket.

Bed covers by Truxedo, Bak Flip and Retrax can really tidy up your trucks, keeping your tools and materials safe and secure while allowing your employees quick access to the equipment they need. A step and boxrail package from U-Guard can make it safer to get in and out of your truck, and can help you secure your cargo. Mudflaps keep trucks cleaner and provide courtesy to other vehicles on the road by reducing spray and debris.

A Full Metal Jacket spray-on polyuria box liner will help keep the bed of your truck looking fresh and businesslike while protecting the usefulness and value of your businesses investment.

Make sure that your business is projecting the image you want by equipping your most visible asset appropriately.  Well cared for vehicles last longer, have better resale value, and increase the productivity of the people who use them.  The overall cost of ownership can be dramatically decreased by making the right choices in protective gear that enhances usability.

Visit Carlson Truck Outfitters today at 1392 Regent Avenue, Unit C, or call 204-669-5249.  Let us make it easier to take care of your fleet.

All Weather Truck Beds – Do Full Metal Jackets™ Really Help?

A few years go down the lane and you start treating your truck without the respect it deserves. It is important to take care of its sensitivities which if ignored, might lead to big disasters. Just like the engine, the body too needs frequent maintenance that keeps the truck working day in and day out. Especially the truck bed which is the most important part of the vehicle because of the purpose it serves.

As time passes, the truck bed faces a number of factors which decrease its strength and efficiency such as dents, scratches, rust, abrasions and wearing out with age. Also, climate conditions affect truck beds a lot; dry weather makes it easier for scratches to take place on truck beds, frequently wet weather may accelerate the rusting process while freezing temperatures may make it more prone to dents. These factors make it difficult for the person handling the truck to carry out tasks in an optimal way because of the deteriorating condition of the truck bed.

Smart truck owners keep administering cutting-edge technological solutions to their truck beds such as the Full Metal Jacket™ in order to keep it running flawlessly throughout the year. FMJ™ is the latest innovation in the automobile industry that guards truck beds against all sorts of bad weather including heavy rainfall and scorching heat while following the original contours of your truck bed and does not make you lose out on any cargo space. In short, Full Metal Jacket™ makes your truck bed as good as new! Is there anything more that a smart truck owner could ask for?

To learn more about the Full Metal Jacket™, call us today at 204-669-5249!

How Full Metal Jacket ™ is the Best Option

Do you own a truck which you always keep well maintained by taking care of the engine and body alike? Surely, all wise truck owners take care of the day-to-day dents, scratches, etc as well as year-long wear and tear by going for the latest and cutting-edge technology such as Full Metal Jacket™ which is the new in thing among truck owners.
There are a number of ways which have been adopted to maintain the health of truck beds in the past. With time some of these ways became obsolete. Lead-based soldering poses a significant health hazard to the environment because of lead’s poisonous properties. Body soldering, on the other hand, takes a lot of investment in terms of tools, time and expertise required. If you are doing it yourself, it is very likely that you’ll end up making mistakes that cannot be undone which will compromise your truck bed’s quality.
Another way to fix your truck’s bed is to use putty. Putty is less durable than body-soldering, difficult to apply, produces toxic fumes and its hardeners can burn if skin remains in contact for long. Also, putty is a non-metallic substance and will not attract magnets (in case you want to sell your truck, potential buyers do the magnet test on vehicles to check for undetectable repairs).
The latest, most effective and efficient way of taking care of your truck’s bed is to get it a Full Metal Jacket ™. FMJ™ gives your truck’s bed a factory-like finish because it consists of 100% pure polyurea and becomes part of the bed itself as opposed to simply covering the faults like the options discussed above. It can resist impact, abrasion, rust, reduces cargo slippage and reduces noise from drop-in bed liners. Also it does not change the original shape of your truck’s bed.
Carlson Truck Outfitters are experts in the application of Full Metal Jacket ™. They operate in Winnipeg, Manitoba and offer you durable and long-lasting jackets for your truck.