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Sunday Night Cruise Night in Winnipeg

Come Show Off Your Truck!

Carlson Truck Outfitters proudly sponsors Sunday Cruise Nights in Winnipeg.  Bring your truck down to the Grant Park Shopping Centre, 400 Wilton Street, for an evening of fun and camaraderie with classic car and truck owners from all over.   Weather permitting, the show’s on every Sunday now through September 28th. Continue reading

Spring Cleaning for Your Truck


Now that spring has arrived in Winnipeg, you should consider some maintenance items for your truck.   A visit to Carlson Truck Outfitters can help keep you and your truck comfortable and cool this summer. Continue reading

Stampede Bug Deflectors at Carlson Truck Outfitters Winnipeg

Stampede Bug Deflector

Shoo fly don’t bother me!  There’s nothing worse than dried on bugs glued to the hood of your vehicle.  Look no further than Carlson Truck Outfitters in Winnipeg, they supply Stampede bug deflectors that come in any make and model and look very stylish. Continue reading

Getting Your Truck Ready for the Open Road

Pickup trucks are great all-round vehicles.  Today’s trucks have great towing and cargo capacity coupled with comfortable interiors and a whole slate of creature comforts.  They’re ideal in the country, and great around town, but they really shine on the open road.  If you’re hitting the highway for some summer fun, there are a few things you should do before heading out to make sure your truck’s up to the task:

1) Fluids – Oil, transmission fluid and coolant are the automotive equivalents of blood.  Make sure that your fluids are in good shape (change whatever the manufacturer recommends) and that they’re full before setting out.

2) Tires – check that there’s plenty of tread remaining, and ensure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure.  You need to check them when they’re cold.  Refer to your owner’s manual, or the chart inside the driver’s door. Don’t forget the spare!

3) Battery – Make sure it’s not too old (you should get about five years from a quality battery) and it’s been correctly maintained.

4) Wipers – check to make sure they’re working correctly.  Replace them if they’re getting worn.

5) Add-ons and accessories – Walk around your vehicle and make sure any accessories you’ve added are correctly fastened and working properly. It might be nice to add some bed rails or cargo hold-downs if you’re planning to take a lot of stuff with you on your trip.

6) Safety kit – Make sure you’ve got a first aid kit, some food, water, and blankets on hand in case you get stranded and have to wait for help. A printed map and a working cellphone can be lifesavers out there on the road!

For help readying your ride for the trip of a lifetime (or a trip downtown), come see us at Carlson Truck Outfitters, 155 Fennell St. in Winnipeg, telephone (204) 669-5249.

GM Redefines the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Pickups for 2014

General Motors is very careful to preserve the loyalty of their large customer customer base.  That’s one of the reasons that the company tends to move cautiously when updating their trucks – the philosophy of “if it ain’t broke…” has proven successful for the company in the past.

2014 is shaping up to be a watershed year for GM trucks.  After several years of design tweaks and subtle cosmetic improvements, both the Chevrolet Silverado and its sister the GMC Sierra are receiving a complete ground-up redesign.

While they will look different than their predecessors, the trucks will retain some of their trademark features – the Silverado will keep its stacked headlights, and the GMC Grill will still be instantly recognizable.  Bodylines, however, are going to be much stronger than those of the current generation.  The hoods of both trucks are being reshaped with dual “power domes”, making the trucks look more aggressive from the front.  Fender flares and wrap around bumpers will carry this look to the sides and rear.  The boxes are redesigned, with more convenient tie-down points and steps built in to the corners of the rear bumpers that will make it easier to access cargo.

Mechanically, both the Chevrolet and GMC trucks will have entirely new, all-aluminum power plants. Available in various displacements, all incorporate Active Fuel Management systems, which will “turn off” some of the engine cylinders when power isn’t needed, Variable Valve Timing to utilize the engine’s power most efficiently at all RPMs, and Direct Injection of gasoline into the combustion chambers, increasing compression ratios, performance, and fuel economy.

Carlson Truck outfitters can help you outfit your brand new ride with aftermarket accessories that are often far cheaper (and more unique) than the ones you can order from the dealer.  Bring your new truck by to see us, at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg.  Telephone (204) 669-5249.

2014 Ram Pickup will be a Game Changer

The Ram Pickup 1500 is Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year, which is no small accomplishment.  It has sustained the momentum that the brand has been building over the last few years, posting excellent sales numbers and earning a reputation as a reliable competitor against similar models from Ford and General Motors.

The 2014 Ram 1500 is the most fuel efficient in the class, improving 2012 mileage by about 30 percent, which is extremely impressive.

Available late this year, the new Ram 1500 pickup will be the first half-ton model with an available diesel power plant.  The 3.0 liter turbo EcoDiesel (already available in Chrysler’s Grand Cherokee) will be paired with an 8-speed TorqueFlight transmission to further stretch the truck’s fuel economy and boost Ram’s reputation as an innovator in the segment.

Truck owners have been clamouring for diesel as an option for quite some time.  Volkswagen has had considerable success with its cars in the past few years, preparing the population for the coming wave of diesel powered automobiles, which are generally more economical at the fuel pump as well as more durable under the hood.

Ram has done a good job of closing the gap between themselves and the market leaders – their trucks were once a distant third in the public’s perception, but by aggressively developing new technologies and radically updating the styling of the vehicles, Ram has become the brand to watch over the past few years.  Introduction of a small displacement diesel engine is likely to push demand for their products to new levels.

If you’re one of the lucky people to get their hands on a 2013 Ram 1500, which is anticipated to be a hot commodity, bring it by to show it to us.  We love trucks, and we’re dying to see it.

For a complete line of pickup truck accessories, priced more reasonably than the dealer, including our industry leading Full Metal Jacket Spray In Bedliner, visit Carlson Truck Outfitters.  We’re at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg, telephone (204) 669-5249.

Accessory Replacement with Carlson Truck Outfitters

A truck is a conveyance that is useful for transporting goods and passengers between points. Your truck is your workplace.  It’s your recreation centre.  It’s your second home.
And that’s why we like to put our own personal stamp on the truck’s appearance, to make it more our own.

Just be careful.  Some of the accessories that you love about your truck can actually age faster than the truck itself, especially if they’re not built to withstand harsh Winnipeg weather.  Next time you walk around your truck, take a good hard look at your accessory equipment.

Are any items loose, or do they show any signs of degrading?  If you’ve got box rails, running boards, or steps, check to make sure they’re firmly affixed.  If anything comes loose from your truck out on the roads, it can become a hazardous missile.  Someone could be hurt, and even if a piece that falls from your truck does no damage, you could be charged.

Pay special attention to anything that can be caught by the wind, or is prone to ice buildup.  Mud flaps can easily pull away from the body, and a ripped tonneau cover can be taken completely away by a strong wind.

If any of your accessories looks suspicious to you, visit Carlson Truck Outfitters at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg.  Our professional staff knows how things should be, and we can help you determine if there’s a problem with your equipment, and help you put it right.

Rear Fenderwell Protection – Covering your Pickup’s Most Vulnerable Surface

In Manitoba, it can rain or snow on any given day of the year.  It sits on top of our trucks, and works into the nooks and crannies.  Moisture then sits on our roads and driveways, and attacks our vehicles from underneath.  This is why cars and trucks tend to rust from the bottom up.  To compound the problem, we use chemicals like salt and calcium chloride to melt snow and ice, which speeds up the corrosion process.

Pickup trucks are particularly susceptible to damage.   The carrying capacity of your truck depends on a large clearance between the top of the tires and the body of the truck, which makes the problem worse.   The rear wheels are always drive wheels, and in bad weather they slop more stuff up against the underside of the vehicle than the front ones do.  The material they throw is particularly bad for the truck, featuring a triple threat of stones and other debris that can chip the paint and leave the metal unprotected,  abrasive grit to sand off the paint, and wet, corrosive sludge that will attack the metal and make it rust.

There are things you can do to stop the attack on the underside of your truck before it gets too far ahead.  The addition of mud flaps or splash guards will catch a lot of the stuff the wheels are throwing up, and keep it from hitting the quarter panels and the underside of the box.   Frequent washing will remove corrosion causing materials before they can cause harm.  Coverage from above will stop the water from seeping between panels, where it can expand when frozen, opening up the seams and leaving the body open to more damage.  A tonneau cover and bed liner, like the Full Metal Jacket spray on coating will help.

Come see what Carlson Truck Outfitters has to help protect your whole truck, including your fender wells.  It will thank you for it.

Carlson Truck Outfitters – Serving Winnipeg and the Surrounding Areas

Carlson Truck Outfitters is proudly located in Winnipeg, but we know that our neighbours in communities across Manitoba are in need of quality truck accessories and installation services, too.

That’s why we make sure that we offer access to the products, facilities and expertise that you need to make your shopping experience worth travelling for. If you’re coming in from Dugald or Beausejour, you will always know that we have what you need. Application of the unbeatable Full Metal Jacket Spray-In Bed liner is available in a single trip, dries in minutes, and is ready for full-contact action in your truck the very next day.

If you’re in one of Manitoba’s other cities, like Brandon, Steinbach, Portage la Prairie or Winkler, compare the quality, service and prices at Carlson Truck Outfitters and you’ll find that it’s worth the drive to Winnipeg to visit us.

We carry big name bed covers by manufacturers like ReTrax, TruXedo, and BakFlip. We offer precision manufactured floor mats by Weathertech, Steps and Box Rails by U-Guard and whole host of other accessories to make your truck more functional, better looking, and longer lasting. Best of all, you’ll save twice – once by getting the right product at the right price, and the second time by protecting your investment in your truck and preserving its value on the resale market.

We’re open Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:30. It’s not necessary to make an appointment, but if you’re travelling in from a distance it’s a good idea to phone ahead so we can ensure we have exactly what you need on hand when you arrive. Carlson Truck Outfitters is located at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg. Our telephone number is (204) 669-5249.

Trucks Built “Like a Rock” – We Stock Accessories for Chevrolet/GMC Trucks

At Carlson Truck Outfitters, we know pickup trucks. We know them because we like them, and because we see more of them than almost anyone else. And what we’ve been seeing lately is evidence that many people in Manitoba are choosing Chevrolet and GMC as their go-to trucks.

As a result, we’ve become very knowledgeable about the products and services available to GM owners. We can fit you with a bed cover, mud flaps, seat covers or just about any other accessory you might want, and we know how to find and install the ones with the best fit to complement your specific truck.

Whether it’s a Silverado or a Colorado, a Canyon, Avalanche or Sierra, Carlson Truck Outfitters can protect your investment in your vehicle with a Full Metal Jacket spray-in bed liner, a one-step polyurea treatment which bonds to the metal box of your truck and forms a layer of protection that is impervious to moisture, inhibits rust and acts as a barrier against the physical damage that pickup trucks are sure to sustain.

No matter what brand of truck you choose to drive, we understand why you drive it and what you use it for. We can provide a full line of accessories and services that can help you maintain its value and reduce troubles down the road, while making it look and perform at its peak today. At Carlson Truck Outfitters, we know what Winnipeg wants when it comes to truck accessories.