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Schedule a Visit to Carlson Truck Outfitters on Saturday

It can be hard to find the right accessories for your pickup truck, especially here on the Prairies, where there isn’t exactly a truck outfitter on every streetcorner.

You can always order from the Internet.  The only problem is that, since you can’t actually see the accessory you are ordering, or look the seller in the eye and gauge their honesty, you might find you don’t get what you want or pay for.

That’s why Carlson Truck Outfitters in Winnipeg has Saturday appointments available.  If you live a little further afield, somewhere like Steinbach or Winkler, it might not be easy to get here during the week.  If you call ahead, you can be sure that someone will be here on Saturday to help you choose from our wide array of truck accessories, give you advice and arrange installation service.

Don’t forget the Full Metal Jacket Spray-In bedliner – it’s a must for hardworking trucks, and it’s a product you simply can’t get from an online retailer.

Experience first hand Carlson Truck Outfitters full line of add-ons for your truck – everything from mud flaps to floor mats to head and taillight lenses.  Our staff is extremely knowledgeable, and our installation crew knows their stuff.  There’s a reason that Carlson Truck Outfitters is Winnipeg’s most reputable source of truck accessories.

Note that we are at a new location – 155 Fennell St. in Winnipeg.  To make an appointment to see us on Saturday call (204) 669-5249.

Beware of Easy Bomber Pride

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ have started another CFL season and while we’re doing our best to put a disastrous 2012 campaign behind us, there’s a great reason to celebrate this year, with the opening of Investor’s Group Field.

It goes without saying that this is the single most anticipated stadium opening in CFL history, if not in the entire history of sport in Canada. Can you recall a time in history where a stadium’s opening was put off by a full year? We can’t, and we certainly hope it won’t happen again.

Now with the opening of the new home turf for our boys in blue and gold, it’s easy to get swept up in jubilation, but let’s all get a hold of ourselves. There’s going to be the urge to deck out your truck with flags, bumper stickers and all sorts of decorations of the blue and gold nature.

Now certainly be it far from us to suggest that prairie pride is a bad thing, but at the same time remember that your truck should still look like a truck. Call us old fashioned, but a truck plastered in all sorts of decorations just doesn’t look good. There’s a simple motto to live by – less is better – when it comes to showing off your fandom.

Now over the next couple blogs we’re going to have some more fun, friendly advice for truck adornment, but remember in the meantime that the best truck accessories can be found in one spot – Carlson Truck Outfitters.

2014 Ram Pickup will be a Game Changer

The Ram Pickup 1500 is Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year, which is no small accomplishment.  It has sustained the momentum that the brand has been building over the last few years, posting excellent sales numbers and earning a reputation as a reliable competitor against similar models from Ford and General Motors.

The 2014 Ram 1500 is the most fuel efficient in the class, improving 2012 mileage by about 30 percent, which is extremely impressive.

Available late this year, the new Ram 1500 pickup will be the first half-ton model with an available diesel power plant.  The 3.0 liter turbo EcoDiesel (already available in Chrysler’s Grand Cherokee) will be paired with an 8-speed TorqueFlight transmission to further stretch the truck’s fuel economy and boost Ram’s reputation as an innovator in the segment.

Truck owners have been clamouring for diesel as an option for quite some time.  Volkswagen has had considerable success with its cars in the past few years, preparing the population for the coming wave of diesel powered automobiles, which are generally more economical at the fuel pump as well as more durable under the hood.

Ram has done a good job of closing the gap between themselves and the market leaders – their trucks were once a distant third in the public’s perception, but by aggressively developing new technologies and radically updating the styling of the vehicles, Ram has become the brand to watch over the past few years.  Introduction of a small displacement diesel engine is likely to push demand for their products to new levels.

If you’re one of the lucky people to get their hands on a 2013 Ram 1500, which is anticipated to be a hot commodity, bring it by to show it to us.  We love trucks, and we’re dying to see it.

For a complete line of pickup truck accessories, priced more reasonably than the dealer, including our industry leading Full Metal Jacket Spray In Bedliner, visit Carlson Truck Outfitters.  We’re at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg, telephone (204) 669-5249.

2013 Pickups – The Best Ever Built

There’s been a lot of pressure on the North American automotive industry over the last few years.  With the near meltdown of the big three as part of the big recession of 2008, carmakers have been mandated by governments, customers and themselves to clean up their product lines and offer innovative vehicles that address the real needs of customers.
Pickup trucks have been the vehicle to benefit the most from their manufacturers’ scrutiny.

2013 releases from the Big Three North American Automakers, Ford, Dodge and General Motors are stronger, more capable, more comfortable and more fuel efficient than ever before.

2013 marks a major remodeling of the Ram pickup line. Their trucks are available in more configurations than ever before, and this year’s power plants offer a 20 percent improvement over the 2012 models.  Outstanding new features include air suspension, new interiors, electronics that include voice control, and a stellar 8-speed automatic transmission.

Ford’s F150 continues to be a leader in innovation.  New for 2013 is a cosmetic rethinking of the front styling, new wheel choices, and  MyFord Touch®, which provides voice activated controls for the driver.  The most popular engine options are held over from last year, including the fuel-miserly 3.5L eco-boost engine.

Chevrolet Silverado and its sister truck, the GMC Sierra offer solid trucks with proven packages, but are starting to look like they’re in need of the big refresh scheduled for them next year.  For 2013, the changes amount to increased selection of tires and availability of some new colors.

Whether you choose one of the new North American pickups, or one of the Japanese competitors, like the excellent Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan models, remember that it’s not your truck until you make your own.  Save money by demanding different (and often better) accessories than the ones the dealer offers.

Come visit Carlson Truck Outfitters, and check out our full line of bed protection, bed covers, mud flaps and accessories.

Winter’s Here Winnipeg, Time to Check Your Ride

For generations, people have trusted The Farmer’s Almanac as a good source of weather forecasting.  This year, the great book’s online equivalent, almanac.com is forecasting an “average” winter for southern Manitoba.  Even if you don’t put stock in the Almanac, you can be pretty certain that it will snow in Manitoba in the wintertime.  And the fall and spring, too.  And maybe even….

It’s important to make sure that your pickup truck is equipped to survive a long winter under our particularly challenging weather conditions.  Here’s a quick list of things to check before the slush flies:

Tires with a Mud and Snow rating are best, especially if you foresee a lot of winter driving.  A good set of all-weather tires can come close, but won’t quite equal the performance of dedicated snow tires.  Whichever way you choose to go, make sure that there’s plenty of tread left, and that you check and correct your air pressure several times as the weather cools.  Don’t forget the spare.

You need to see and be seen, especially since the sun will be coming up later and setting earlier over the coming months.  Make sure all your lights are working, and that your lenses are transparent.  Considerable brightness can be lost to “chalked” lenses.  You might wish to investigate the new HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting, which replaces your existing bulbs and will make your nighttime driving safer.

Make sure your wiper blades are up to the task.  Special purpose ones for winter conditions are best, and represent a very reasonable investment for a great improvement in winter safety.

Emergency Kit
Make sure you have an emergency kit in your truck, including at minimum a first aid kit, a supply of food and water, a flashlight, a candle, and a blanket.  Also make sure to take your cellphone with you when you travel, because it can provide a communication lifeline in case of an emergency.

Carlson Truck Outfitters is located at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg.  Come by for quality truck accessories that can help your truck get through the winter, including bed protection, bed covers, and mud flaps.

Rear Fenderwell Protection – Covering your Pickup’s Most Vulnerable Surface

In Manitoba, it can rain or snow on any given day of the year.  It sits on top of our trucks, and works into the nooks and crannies.  Moisture then sits on our roads and driveways, and attacks our vehicles from underneath.  This is why cars and trucks tend to rust from the bottom up.  To compound the problem, we use chemicals like salt and calcium chloride to melt snow and ice, which speeds up the corrosion process.

Pickup trucks are particularly susceptible to damage.   The carrying capacity of your truck depends on a large clearance between the top of the tires and the body of the truck, which makes the problem worse.   The rear wheels are always drive wheels, and in bad weather they slop more stuff up against the underside of the vehicle than the front ones do.  The material they throw is particularly bad for the truck, featuring a triple threat of stones and other debris that can chip the paint and leave the metal unprotected,  abrasive grit to sand off the paint, and wet, corrosive sludge that will attack the metal and make it rust.

There are things you can do to stop the attack on the underside of your truck before it gets too far ahead.  The addition of mud flaps or splash guards will catch a lot of the stuff the wheels are throwing up, and keep it from hitting the quarter panels and the underside of the box.   Frequent washing will remove corrosion causing materials before they can cause harm.  Coverage from above will stop the water from seeping between panels, where it can expand when frozen, opening up the seams and leaving the body open to more damage.  A tonneau cover and bed liner, like the Full Metal Jacket spray on coating will help.

Come see what Carlson Truck Outfitters has to help protect your whole truck, including your fender wells.  It will thank you for it.

Carlson Truck Outfitters – Serving Winnipeg and the Surrounding Areas

Carlson Truck Outfitters is proudly located in Winnipeg, but we know that our neighbours in communities across Manitoba are in need of quality truck accessories and installation services, too.

That’s why we make sure that we offer access to the products, facilities and expertise that you need to make your shopping experience worth travelling for. If you’re coming in from Dugald or Beausejour, you will always know that we have what you need. Application of the unbeatable Full Metal Jacket Spray-In Bed liner is available in a single trip, dries in minutes, and is ready for full-contact action in your truck the very next day.

If you’re in one of Manitoba’s other cities, like Brandon, Steinbach, Portage la Prairie or Winkler, compare the quality, service and prices at Carlson Truck Outfitters and you’ll find that it’s worth the drive to Winnipeg to visit us.

We carry big name bed covers by manufacturers like ReTrax, TruXedo, and BakFlip. We offer precision manufactured floor mats by Weathertech, Steps and Box Rails by U-Guard and whole host of other accessories to make your truck more functional, better looking, and longer lasting. Best of all, you’ll save twice – once by getting the right product at the right price, and the second time by protecting your investment in your truck and preserving its value on the resale market.

We’re open Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:30. It’s not necessary to make an appointment, but if you’re travelling in from a distance it’s a good idea to phone ahead so we can ensure we have exactly what you need on hand when you arrive. Carlson Truck Outfitters is located at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg. Our telephone number is (204) 669-5249.

Why Do You Need Seat Covers in Your Truck?

The part of your truck that you have most contact with, day in and day out is the front seat.

Your truck’s seats do more than give you a place to put your posterior; they are an integral part its safety system and one of the best indicators of the quality of a truck on the resale market.

We’re all guilty of it.  We jump into our trucks after a long day at work, when our clothes are dirty, our hands are greasy and there’s a chance we have tools on our belts or in our pockets.  The result, if we don’t make sure to take some kind of protective measure, is a front seat that looks ten years older than the rest of the truck.

The passenger seats, too, are susceptible to damage.  Very often, we’ll use them as a kind of auxiliary tool storage.  We don’t clean up until the job is finished, and by then, the damage can be done.  If you do any of these things, or have children or dogs that occupy the passenger compartment of your truck regularly, you need seat covers.

A good set of seat covers will look fantastic when they’re on your truck, and they’ll make sure that the upholstery in your truck is protected, which means that it will last longer and preserve your vehicle’s value.

Carlson Truck Outfitters has one of Winnipeg’s best selections of seat covers for all makes of pickups, in a wide array of colours.  Come on down and let us help you keep your vehicle looking good while it works hard for you.

To learn more, call us today at (204) 669-5249 or visit us at 1392c Regent Ave.

At Carlson Truck Outfitters, we love trucks.

“The passenger seats, too, are susceptible to damage. Very often, we’ll use them as a kind of auxiliary tool storage.”

World of Wheels exclusive special!

Did you get your ticket yet for the World of Wheels in Winnipeg? If not, we’re going to give you a little more incentive to come see us this weekend at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

This year, Carlson Truck Outfitters is going to be rolling out show-special discounts for your truck. While we won’t give away the discounts here, we can tell you that we will have exclusive savings for anyone who comes to see us.

The promotions kick off with our Full Metal Jacket™ spray-in bedliner, and grows from there to include some of the top truck accessories available in Winnipeg, including:

  • Truxedo bed covers
  • U-Guard Side Steps
  • Bug Deflectors

These savings are going to be phenomenal and definitely are going to create buzz on the show floor.

All you have to do is swing by the Carlson Truck Accessories booth, say hi to one of our employees and receive our special discount flyer.

Of course, our experts will be on-hand all weekend long to answer your questions about how Carlson Truck Outfitters can provide you with the best protection available for your truck.

We look forward to seeing you at World of Wheels this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Outfit your truck fleet in Winnipeg

Whether your business has two trucks or 20, Carlson Truck Outfitters can help you equip them for the service your company provides.

Work vehicles are like mobile billboards, and the image that they project can go a long way in your efforts to attract new customers.  A neat, well-equipped pickup with accessories that say “We Mean Business” is far more attractive than an ancient and unwashed rustbucket.

Bed covers by Truxedo, Bak Flip and Retrax can really tidy up your trucks, keeping your tools and materials safe and secure while allowing your employees quick access to the equipment they need. A step and boxrail package from U-Guard can make it safer to get in and out of your truck, and can help you secure your cargo. Mudflaps keep trucks cleaner and provide courtesy to other vehicles on the road by reducing spray and debris.

A Full Metal Jacket spray-on polyuria box liner will help keep the bed of your truck looking fresh and businesslike while protecting the usefulness and value of your businesses investment.

Make sure that your business is projecting the image you want by equipping your most visible asset appropriately.  Well cared for vehicles last longer, have better resale value, and increase the productivity of the people who use them.  The overall cost of ownership can be dramatically decreased by making the right choices in protective gear that enhances usability.

Visit Carlson Truck Outfitters today at 1392 Regent Avenue, Unit C, or call 204-669-5249.  Let us make it easier to take care of your fleet.