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Why the Winnipeg Construction Industry Needs the Full Metal Jacket

Tools that are properly maintained and stored correctly will last a long time. If you work, or own a business, in the construction industry, one of the most indispensable tools you own is the one that moves you and your equipment and materials to and from the jobsite – your pickup truck.

The business end of your truck is the bed.  It’s where the stuff that’s really important goes.  It pays to keep this part of your truck in top shape, because if it doesn’t work properly, it gets more difficult to get the job done.

Pickup beds are made of the same metal as the rest of the truck’s body, coated in the same paint.  If you dropped heavy, sharp objects on the hood of the truck you wouldn’t expect it to last very long.  Construction work requires tools and materials be transported, so the bed of your truck requires protection.

Full Metal Jacket spray-on polyurea bedliners, available from Carlson Truck Outfitters, really stand up to abuse.

Unlike other protective products, like drop-in bedliners, Full Metal Jacket becomes part of the truck as soon as you apply it.  This means that it can’t slip around and cause wear and noise, and moisture cannot be trapped underneath it and cause rust that you can’t see. Your pickup bed will be resistant to impact and abrasion damage and the no-slip texture of the bedliner will help keep the stuff you carry from moving around.  Full Metal Jacket bedliners don’t diminish the cargo carrying capacity of your truck bed, and can be applied very quickly. Your truck will be ready to go to work for you 24 hours later.
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