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Hauled Your Kid To College? Check Your Truckbed!

Ahh September. The time when kids head back to school. Bliss returns for parents everywhere.

Well, for most that is.

You see, taking your kids to university can mean a lot of hauling. For students from rural Manitoba, this may mean dorm life ahead at the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg or Brandon University; and if this was your kid, chances are you hauled their gear in your truckbed.

What does that mean? Potential ding-ups in your ride!

This is the unfortunate reality of dorm life. Little planning goes on in advance, and as such we’re not always 100% ready for it; so getting things done like protecting your truck with a proper truckbed liner (such as the Full Metal Jacket from Carlson Truck Outfitters) doesn’t always get priority.

We know the pains of going out on a job, whether it’s for work or for family, so we’re happy to help you if your ride has undergone a bit of a beating.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment if you’re concerned about your truckbed. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Summer’s Winding Down – Line Your Truckbed Now!

We had a summer?

Okay, it’s the usual joke in Winnipeg, but there is a measure of truth – this summer is going by too quickly. It seems like we’re destined for an early snowfall with everyone’s favourite Halloween costume, once again, being a parka.

This means that we’re headed for, in all likelihood, a rainy fall and a slushy winter. The salts kicked up, once laid down, can do major damage to your truck bed, let alone an unprotected bed can be subject to rusting.

Don’t leave your truck bed to chance with potentially bad weather conditions. Count on Carlson Truck Outfitters to give your truck the extra protection it needs as we head into September. Book your appointment now for our Full Metal Jacket treatment. Our work is guaranteed and you will not be disappointed.

To learn more, contact Carlson Truck Outfitters today!

2014 Ram Pickup will be a Game Changer

The Ram Pickup 1500 is Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year, which is no small accomplishment.  It has sustained the momentum that the brand has been building over the last few years, posting excellent sales numbers and earning a reputation as a reliable competitor against similar models from Ford and General Motors.

The 2014 Ram 1500 is the most fuel efficient in the class, improving 2012 mileage by about 30 percent, which is extremely impressive.

Available late this year, the new Ram 1500 pickup will be the first half-ton model with an available diesel power plant.  The 3.0 liter turbo EcoDiesel (already available in Chrysler’s Grand Cherokee) will be paired with an 8-speed TorqueFlight transmission to further stretch the truck’s fuel economy and boost Ram’s reputation as an innovator in the segment.

Truck owners have been clamouring for diesel as an option for quite some time.  Volkswagen has had considerable success with its cars in the past few years, preparing the population for the coming wave of diesel powered automobiles, which are generally more economical at the fuel pump as well as more durable under the hood.

Ram has done a good job of closing the gap between themselves and the market leaders – their trucks were once a distant third in the public’s perception, but by aggressively developing new technologies and radically updating the styling of the vehicles, Ram has become the brand to watch over the past few years.  Introduction of a small displacement diesel engine is likely to push demand for their products to new levels.

If you’re one of the lucky people to get their hands on a 2013 Ram 1500, which is anticipated to be a hot commodity, bring it by to show it to us.  We love trucks, and we’re dying to see it.

For a complete line of pickup truck accessories, priced more reasonably than the dealer, including our industry leading Full Metal Jacket Spray In Bedliner, visit Carlson Truck Outfitters.  We’re at 1392c Regent Avenue in Winnipeg, telephone (204) 669-5249.

Watch a Full Metal Jacket Application!

You’ve seen us talk about the Full Metal Jacket on several occasions in our blog – now it’s time for you to see it with your own eyes.

Check out our video below to see how a Full Metal Jacket is applied to a truck bed, providing your vehicle with the ultimate in truck bed protection in Winnipeg.

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done, come visit us at 1392C Regent Avenue to learn more, or book your installation appointment by clicking here.

Make Sure You Remove Autumn Debris from your Pickup Bed

They call it “Fall” for a reason – the trees drop their leaves, and they cover everything.  It’s nature’s way of replenishing the soil.  The leaves, which have provided fuel for the tree’s growth all year, return their moisture and nutrients back to the earth.

Except when they fall where they don’t belong.

The open bed of a pickup truck, if it’s parked within miles of a deciduous tree, is sure to fill up with leaves.

Make sure you remove leaves and other debris from the bed of your truck immediately.  They’ll trap moisture in contact with the painted surface, and contribute chemicals that can speed up the decay of automotive sheet metal, especially in the tiny scratches that are sure to develop through the course of normal use of your truck.  Take care when getting the leaves out – use a broom or brush, not a rake, to avoid adding to the scratches in the bed surface and making the problem worse.

Alternately, consider investing in a bed liner for your truck, or adding a bed cover.  For the maximum level of protection from the elements, do both.  The Full Metal Jacket spray-in polyurea bed liner, available from Carlson Truck Outfitters offers unmatched protection from dirt, debris, and just about anything else that can fall or be thrown into your truck’s bed.  It’s a one step spray in finish that’s applied hot and dries almost instantly, and is fully cured and ready to take on the elements in 24 hours.

Carlson Truck Outfitters in Winnipeg offers one stop shopping for pickup truck accessories.  To learn more, call us today at (204) 669-5249 or visit us at 1392c Regent Ave.

At Carlson Truck Outfitters, we love your truck almost as much as you do.

World of Wheels exclusive special!

Did you get your ticket yet for the World of Wheels in Winnipeg? If not, we’re going to give you a little more incentive to come see us this weekend at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

This year, Carlson Truck Outfitters is going to be rolling out show-special discounts for your truck. While we won’t give away the discounts here, we can tell you that we will have exclusive savings for anyone who comes to see us.

The promotions kick off with our Full Metal Jacket™ spray-in bedliner, and grows from there to include some of the top truck accessories available in Winnipeg, including:

  • Truxedo bed covers
  • U-Guard Side Steps
  • Bug Deflectors

These savings are going to be phenomenal and definitely are going to create buzz on the show floor.

All you have to do is swing by the Carlson Truck Accessories booth, say hi to one of our employees and receive our special discount flyer.

Of course, our experts will be on-hand all weekend long to answer your questions about how Carlson Truck Outfitters can provide you with the best protection available for your truck.

We look forward to seeing you at World of Wheels this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Noise Reduction

Isn’t it absolutely peaceful to drive your truck on a straight smooth road with the good ol’ truck’s vibration lightly humming in the background? But sometimes your peaceful journey can be disrupted by rattling and other unfriendly noises; and this can really annoy and even worry you about what is wrong with your truck.

Sometimes the noise may be because of a serious defect in the body or the engine and has to be fixed by an expert; however, most of the time the unwanted sounds your truck produces are because of the aging process. With time, the bed of the truck wears out and becomes thin. Hence, loose objects in the truck’s bed which move as you drive along, such as tool boxes or cargo and even the drop-in panel bang and clang, echoing loudly.

In order to prevent the sounds from disturbing you, you should keep your drop-in bed liner well maintained. Go for a Full Metal Jacket™ because it comprises of 100% pure polyurea which provides the strongest and most flexible protection. It recovers the loss that your truck’s bed has gone through due to aging, rusting, denting and other sorts of damages by adding a metallic protective coating which becomes part of the bed itself. The Full Metal Jacket™ makes the truck-bed as good as new and absorbs all unwanted clanging, rattling or banging.

If you’d like to get rid of the noises your truck makes at its back you should consult with the experts of Full Metal Jacket™, Carlson Truck Outfitters. We operate in Winnipeg, Manitoba and offer you durable and long-lasting jackets for your truck.

How Full Metal Jacket ™ is the Best Option

Do you own a truck which you always keep well maintained by taking care of the engine and body alike? Surely, all wise truck owners take care of the day-to-day dents, scratches, etc as well as year-long wear and tear by going for the latest and cutting-edge technology such as Full Metal Jacket™ which is the new in thing among truck owners.
There are a number of ways which have been adopted to maintain the health of truck beds in the past. With time some of these ways became obsolete. Lead-based soldering poses a significant health hazard to the environment because of lead’s poisonous properties. Body soldering, on the other hand, takes a lot of investment in terms of tools, time and expertise required. If you are doing it yourself, it is very likely that you’ll end up making mistakes that cannot be undone which will compromise your truck bed’s quality.
Another way to fix your truck’s bed is to use putty. Putty is less durable than body-soldering, difficult to apply, produces toxic fumes and its hardeners can burn if skin remains in contact for long. Also, putty is a non-metallic substance and will not attract magnets (in case you want to sell your truck, potential buyers do the magnet test on vehicles to check for undetectable repairs).
The latest, most effective and efficient way of taking care of your truck’s bed is to get it a Full Metal Jacket ™. FMJ™ gives your truck’s bed a factory-like finish because it consists of 100% pure polyurea and becomes part of the bed itself as opposed to simply covering the faults like the options discussed above. It can resist impact, abrasion, rust, reduces cargo slippage and reduces noise from drop-in bed liners. Also it does not change the original shape of your truck’s bed.
Carlson Truck Outfitters are experts in the application of Full Metal Jacket ™. They operate in Winnipeg, Manitoba and offer you durable and long-lasting jackets for your truck.

What You Can Store in Your Truck Now Thanks to the Protective Coating

To say that most truckbed liners are protective coatings that are hardworking and tough as nails is rather an understatement. These advanced polyurethane automotive products protect your pickup truck bed from scrapes, blows, and rusting, but what is more, they also expand the possibilities of what you can store and carry in your truck without causing damage to it or to the paintwork in the truck bed.

Gasoline and related fuels are the liquids most likely to find their way onto the surface of most pickup truck beds, potentially staining or discoloring the paint. With a liner in place, you can throw half a dozen plastic jerry cans of gas into the back of your pickup without pausing longer than it takes you to heave them over the tailgate, with no worries that the odd splash of gas will cause any discoloration, since the gas will sit harmlessly atop the polyurethane coating until it evaporates or is wiped away.

Chlorine bleach and similar strong cleaning chemicals can ordinarily be a real problem if they spill or slosh over onto the paintwork of your pickup truck. With a layer of truckbed liner between the bleach and the paint job, however, you could theoretically turn the bed of your pickup truck into a pool of these corrosive cleansers without causing any problems.

If you work with a lot of chemicals, a good truckbed liner will help to protect your vehicle from spills. Most modern liners are designed to shed common, relatively mild acids, including battery acid, without being corroded or allowing the acid to eat into the paint or metal beneath. Weed spray, insecticides and pesticides of various kinds, chemical fertilizer, and other work chemicals will also have no effect on a truck bed shielded by the rugged coating offered by a thick double coat of these liners.

Making use of a good truckbed liner helps to make your pickup an even more reliable workhorse – one that you need not think twice about using to carry or store corrosive chemicals, paints, bleach, insecticide, cement, and a host of other substances that cause damage to vehicles with less manly protection. Tough, durable, and versatile, truckbed liners are just what you need to keep your pickup truck able to handle any task you have in mind.