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How We Install Our Spray-On Bedliners

The LINEX spray-on bedliner that we offer is an industry leading 100% pure polyurea coating,  manufactured by LINEX, the world’s leading manufacturer of spray polyureas.

Our spray-on bedliner will permanently bond to every contour of your truck bed providing you with a seamless barrier. This 100% pure polyurea coating is the toughest in the industry providing you with the strongest, most flexible, and superior protection in the industry. Anything less than 100% pure polyurea will compromise the strength and durability of your bedliner.

This product is a perfect way to restore your truck with a factory-like finish. It will prevent rust and it will not chip, crack, or peel. The thick shock absorbing layer will dampen noises and vibrations, and it will significantly reduce cargo slippage.

Spray-on Bedliner Before | Carlson Truck Outfitters.jpg  Spray-on Bedliner After | Carlson Truck Outfitters.jpg

Here is how we install the Spray-on bedliner, check it out.



If this is the product you have been looking for then call us today! Have it sprayed once and by the professionals at Carlson Truck Outfitters for guaranteed results.